Dunno wat happen to me tis few day...
no mood doing anything...haiz...
exam is around the corner...no strenght to study...
Sport day is coming....
The cheerleading haven complete ><
Ergh!!!!!! hate recently!!!!

Today attended a seminar about knowing wat career or subject i interested....
The result turns out not well >

dunno wat subject suitable 4 me....every of my subject so teruk ><
No subject 4 me to option....>< help me pls...any suggest ???
3 to 4 month to go...and i will end my high school life...
time passed really fast !!!
I will cherish wat i have now....and not regret wat i have lost...
Hope everythings goes well till end of the day....

My eye is getting darker and darker ....
I always sleep late and think many many nonsense..haha^^
I think about my future....how will it be???
OMG @@ felt headache everytime think about it ><

I swear that after my final exam and UEC...
Hahahahahahahahaha....I will definetely crazy...^^
I wan to sing K !!!
I wan to shopping !!!
I wan to watch movie !!!
I wan to watch drama every night !!!
I wan to hang out wit my fren every night !!!
I wan to travel !!! (Others country)
I will BURN all my exercise books !!!
I will sell all my text books !!!
I will play n play n play n play non-stop ^^

But now...still need effort to carry-on....
chinese ppl say "must sour first then will sweet" ^^
can't wait 4 the time to sweet ^^

Life will go on...
congratulation to miss audrey cheng 4 her coming 3rd anniversary...haha^^
and so miss sook ting 4 her 3rd anniversary too on nexy year MAY ^^
Its quite early to congrat her now...hehe ^^
Anyway i wan to sleep now to cure the BLACK on my eyes ^^
bb...gud nite ^^

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